Arc Doors and Windows

This project contained to components. Window replacement and entry door replacement. We removed all of the original aluminum windows from the front of the building and replaced them with new custom size aluminum units. The interior sills were replaced with new corian sills and both interior and exteriors were sealed with color matching caulk.

The entry door units were removed 1 set at a time and a new set of Besam insulated, motion sensor units were installed. We installed these custom units to fit existing openings with some minor modifications. The floor between the 2 sets of doors had to be raised and tiled to meet the interior floor height. We used Ardex primers and self leveling products to achieve the finish results. The original doors required a touch pad to be pushed to activate a swinging door. The new units seen here are hands free and slide apart upon when motion sensors are activated. The doors also feature a battery back up system in the event of power failure and an emergency breakaway feature that allows occupants to push out if needed. A great system for your commercial space!